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Outline of Oral Presentation

Sample Only

The aim of a presentation outline is to help students to achieve fluency in public speaking. Every student must hand in an outline to the teacher before giving her/his presentation. The outline must be printed on one page (A4 size page) and must contain the student number, the name of the student in English and in Chinese, title of the topic, and the basic points of the presentation. The font size should be either Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10. Below is a sample of an outline. Please write your own outline according to this sample.




Student ID number:  

First name and last name:

Date of presentation:



Basic Terminology


Viking                           海盗,北欧海盗,<>斯堪的纳维亚人

etymologist                 语源学

hybridization               杂交, 杂种培植, 配种

resemblance              类同之处

upheaval                      剧变

trilingualism                能讲三种语言的, 使用三种语言的, 三种语言的


Topic: History of the English Language





1. Five events that shaped the English language (brief introduction)


2. Celts and the Anglo-Saxon settlement

  • Germanic invaders in the 5th century
  • Old English writings
  • the beginning of the Old English period.

3. The Scandinavian settlements

  • North Germanic speech of the Norsemen
  •  the Old English and the language of the invaders
  • examples of differences and similarities.

4. Enormous changes in the English language after 1066

  • changes in inflectional system
  •  borrowings (loanwords) from French and Latin
  •  trilingualism in English, French, and Latin.

5. Standardization of English

  •  the beginning of the Middle English Period
  •  the London dialect
  • the Great Vowel Shift.

6. Colonization and globalization

  • processes of exploration, colonization and overseas trade
  • development of new varieties of English
  • English as a Lingua Franca.

7. Old English and Anglo-Saxon


8. The Modern World and the Global English

  •  countries in which English is an official language (52 countries)
  • countries in which English is commonly understood by educated people (53 countries)
  • some interesting facts about Modern English.

9. The future of English (a few interesting facts)

  • Will there be one English or many Englishes in the future?
  • Shall we have Chinglish or Indian English (Hindlish - Hindi English)?
  • What about the Middle East English (Arabinglish)?
  • Will any other language become an international language of communication?
  • How about the Internet English?
  • How about Mobile English / SmartEnglish?
  • Any more ideas about the future of English?

10. Conclusion

Reflection on the past, the present and the future of English.


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